EARLY Attractor! seat in The Attractionist : Evolved Masculine Course

EARLY Attractor! seat in The Attractionist : Evolved Masculine Course



Attraction made Easy

Whether you want to last longer in bed , to be more confident in your dating/sex life or give more pleasure in the bedroom, this course can help.
Learn delicious(sacred) skills from two profound Sex and Intimacy coaches , Shesuz Heart and Sia Di, right in the comfort of your home.

What is "The Attractionist"?

The Attractioinist is a 4 week course broken into weekly sessions to prepare your; mind , body , heart and soul to be BLOWN wideeeeeeeeee open to what YOU want to Attract in your sensual life!

Week 1


Learn all the whys of the impactful-importance awareness has on your sex life, your relationships and your dating attractiveness.

Experience the knowledge and value of the Female and Male awareness , the cause and effect which can make the magic or the breakdown .

Gain a skill that majority of men are missing to navigate this important way of being !

Awareness is one of the keys to connection with women that has been missing for centuries.

Week 2

Boundaries and Desirable Consent

Be the man who Attractively rises above the rest .

Boundaries and Consent are top of the list for amplifying your sexual desires, just ask Shesuz ; whose worked with thousands of men on this and the impact a consensual and boundary setting and respecting man is , the man who is IS the Attractionist

ask for what you want , and you shall receive it.

Week 3


Academic-Attractive-Anatomy , combine your intelligence , awareness , confidence and wow you are amped up for a sexy life.

Knowing your (male) anatomical structure and the female anatomical structure opens up a plethora of windows !

SERIOUSLY you will not believe after understanding your anatomy with combination of articulate techniques how your sex life will be beyond what you can ever imagine!

Week 4


In this session you will learn everything you need to know about Pleasure! What’s stopping you from experiencing longer lasting sex , while becoming abundant in techniques , sexual positions , communications skills and MUCH MUCH MORE.

Through Dedication :
There will time for Q&A in each Session to answer and address your remaining curiosities

We are here to get you to where you want to be , and have created the

Bonus Attractionist FB Group for you to stay connected with us and with your fellow Attractionists

email every week including:
inspirational quotes

How does the course work?

Easy , sign up through our eventbrite
enter your email ,
CHOOSE opt in for the private Facebook group
and Check the FB group and your email inbox for the weekly:
Zoom Link , Course PDF Download , and any other JUICY material you will want.

Where We'll Meet?
Each Sunday we'll be live on Zoom , recordings of each lesson are available for you to re-watch and view if you miss.

We will be meeting online every Sunday starting from :

24th March 4pm GMT / 9am PST/ 12pm EST/ 11am CDT

31st March 4pm GMT/ 9am PST/ 12pm EST/ 11am CDT

7th April 4pm GMT/ 9am PST/ 12pm EST/ 11am CDT

14th April 4pm GMT/ 9am PST/ 12pm EST/ 11am CDT

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Meet your hosts:
Shesuz Heart

"Shesuz works one on one with some of the finest men globally. Coaching men in bedroom confidence , pleasure power, tantalizing techniques and MORE. Shesuz facilitates erotic parties where her teachings are put into ACTION. Her students often become avid attendees with their new found lovers , partner(s), and their reconciled relationships.
Shesuz is here to save the integrity of sex lives to make sex extraordinary for men , women , gender fluid .
Don't be surprised if you hear she's hosting a naked retreat for the evolved sex species!"


Sia Di

Is a Sacred S€xuality coach, Body Worker, Healer and Author.
He has written "7 Principles to Master the Art of S€x and he travels around the world and run workshops on Love, Intimacy and Pleasure.
Sia's mission is to raise s€xual consciousness and help men and women to transform into superior lovers.


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