Naked - Intimacy , A Somatic Experience !

Wherever you are on your journey , Shesuz is here for you as an individual or alongside you and your partner(s),  making a commitment to enhance your naked-intimate life is an invigorating first step. I am here to guide you deeper down your path, creating steps towards ascendance of: pleasure , passion and power in your life!

Naked-intimacy (in-to-me-i-see) coaching is revolutionary and daring while deriving from ancient teachings and healing practices, and different from traditional talk therapy and other styles of bodywork. Several modalities and schools of thought influence and engage my work, including Sexological Bodywork , Authentic Ascension Relationship Coaching and tantra. All of these are naked in nature , just as we were born meaning , freedom from constraints and constructs , naked in both body mind and spirit , fresh with new life and unbound to shameful ideals, meaning all of you is attended to, body , mind , heart and spirit. Together we birth , we co-create, dynamic and profound ways to surpass challenges in your sexuality, BE confident , BE greatly fulfilled in relationships and uncover-rediscover your connection to your eroticism.