I purchased a video , how do I get access to video after purchase?

Currently shesuz hosting on square space doesn’t allow for full videos to be hosted and downloadable , you will get a personal email with your links and happy yummy pics ready for you to enjoy!

What is involved in your 1 on 1 session?

This is a question I prefer to answer over the phone , please first email with your questions and then we can set up a time to chat! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!

I see you offer packages , but where can I go to find more information about what packages you offer?

Currently working on packages , as I have both online and offline packages , it can be a person to person based difference AND Shesuz is currently working on membership packages for both online and offline!

Where are you based out of?

Shesuz is based out of Austin , TX , and travels to many great places frequently!

How do I get in touch with you?

please email : shesuz.com@gmail.com for all of your questions , curiosities and ideas!

When do you host events?

Shesuz events are hosted throughout the year, most live events are hosted in Austin , TX , and shesuz sometimes guest hosts at festivals and events all over the world , if you have an event or festival where you want to receive shesuz teachings please email: shesuz.com@gmail.com

Do you travel to my location?

If you have booking inquiries please connect with shesuz by emailing : shesuz.com@gmail.com

How can I support your mission other than purchasing items from your website?

There are many ways you can support with your skills, talents , ideas , requests and donations! You can support even by following shesuz on instagram @shesuz and on facebook as born2bnaked !

Shesuz is always looking for fun , supportive , respectful , and aligned beings who are able and creative to make many things happen like :


costume design

videography (made this word up and you know what i meannnnn)

website design


social media knowledge

and much more!