about shesuz

It all started when…

I set out to discover my life's purpose in Hawaii,  at 18 years YUNG. My heart broken , my body crippling , and my mind depressed, I was seeking a reason to LIVE!  And What I ultimately discovered was the Main Vein of ALIVENESS. I  breathed, I moved,  I meditated my celibate self into aliveness- into SEX with existence. I WENT HARD  for nearly 1 year and 3 months of that I spent everyday 2-3 sometimes 5 hrs dedicated to Kundalini meditation , a "going beyond my mind" way to wipe clean any programming. Through my Meditation I dove into the pool of  GAIA (earth mother). Working Daily in her soil , growing with the land sea and magical atmosphere , I sweat out every drop of old pain, I let go of my limiting beliefs and I RE-BIRTHed MYSELF. With GOD, I Resurrected myself !   I DID  ! I opened myself enough that when I lived with a Naked Community , I saw angels and I was healed by them. And when I finally had the courage and the internal spiritual space to put all my teachings together... I understood I was becoming Nudity! With a Miracle occurrence I no longer was BECOMING I SIMPLY WAS NUDITY, and I WALKED ON THE RED CARPET of Spiritual Sexual Self wearing the finest garment made... my own skin. And then it happened, I SET MYSELF FREE! And all through my meditation my acceptance and my connection to Gaia and my tapping into Source CODE DIVINE SHE + HE = US , WE ARE US. Was Conceived ... the story continues to get to shesuz's birth



Wanderlust YTT, Austin , TX

Oshos Dynamic Meditation , Big Island , HI

Ecstatic Heart level 1 Cobra Breathe , Austin , TX

Nutrition and Shamanistic Healing , Four Winds Society , Big Sur, CA

Movement and Dance , Crash Alchemy , Austin , TX

Communications , Landmark , various cities



"Shesuz is us and doing a wonderful job , and is someone you can expect a great experience with! " — GH

" we were new to this kind of experience and now we are closer in our relationship than ever before!"  —private