bedroom toys 

yes. I love natural touch. I love the intimate slow skin to skin with my BEloved! and I do enjoy toys. 

but by all means ... i want to be enjoying sex and all the touching licking sucking hair pulling scratching spanking thrusting screaming biting holding flicking stroking ... okay I am getting TURNT UP AND ON! pussy is talkingggggg

Yes so I want to enjoy ALL of this without being addicted , CO-Dependent and obsessed in my toys. Intimacy with a partner or partners or another (CONSENTING AWAKE Being!!!) is all about connection. Deeply is diving into one anothers worlds ! Hybridizing your Chemistry's , yoking your desires into one . That in itself is glorifying! so being able to be Completely present to Anthers aliveness in one around you is important. to be turned on , relaxed and Orgasmic-ally present with that is the main focus for me. 

I add toys when I want to spice it up! especially when being with the same partner sometimes i like a little extra vibration ! BUT my toy is not there to replace my partner. I can enjoy the in and outs of toy usage with-out losing my level of sensation and my ability to cum.


breathe and Be with your lover(s) and spice it up with toys and i invite you if you use toys a lot, to take a break , witness what happens. And if you don't use toys, maybe try one out. Find one that calls to you! BTW choosing a toy does need to be firstly for your interest ! in my opinion . once you begin exploring toys , that is a good time to invite your partners ideas as yours is being Fulfilled.   OF COURSE always have your BOUNDARIES and stick to you guns! Play safe :) be a sage in the