when clothes are something

there is a word i enjoy in describing clothes, and that's Change. i can say things like , "i'm going to change my outfit", "i want to change into something more comfortable", it directly relates to EXACTLY what it says...CHANGE!


I like miley's whole change motto going on right now. And it is a theme i can totally agree with for clothing. 

What i wear , what I like to wear , what attracts me ... Changes. and what i find is the most IMPORTANT part of changing my taste in fashion...is that it IS okay to change. It is okay to create your comfort , your look and yourself in your textiles. 

What is important is that no matter where or what you are doing, if that's going to work or going out with friends or eating dinner with family. Play with clothing. Allow your interests to manifest as clothing buys that get you out of your comfort zone. Get those outfits you keep liking on IG! be brave because if we wear clothing! we might as well customize it and Have it say something about... well ... YOU! 


I invite myself to do the same! I love to look and I want to award myself with the looks i dream of into my reality outfits. and feel as my inner self springs to life!