Performance Art makes my body happy


dancing is my favorite form of Exercise! it is one of the most important tools for me to be happy Healthy and whole. 

dancing is full of cardio, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. now that's only getting into the physical realm , but what about my mental Realm?

mentally dance is art, it expression with out words! dance translates emotions , memories , Dreams and puts it out on a canvas. It is as much of a mental challenge and muscle builder of both my body and mind. dance is my key to letting go. 

You don't have to be good. dance doesn't have to be a competition, dance can be ecstatic, random and changing. there are events all over the world , a dance tribe called ecstatic dance that invites you to come to set your talking and busy mind aside and come into free form dance. no talking just music people dance and letting GO! i invite you right now to leave this page and google: ecstatic dance in (name your city) and search! then lmk after you go how it went for you! 

and i invite you to dance regardless of where you are. to just set everything else aside play music that resonates with you and dance! feel free to share anything you get from this experience! and i hope you dance for me <3 

-shesuz Loves you